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The Book of Mormon: The Musical at the QE Theatre until September 4, 2016
There are so many sacred cows slaughtered in The Book of Mormon: The Musical that it’s a wonder the QE isn’t knee-deep in (metaphorical) blood.

Cody Jamison Strand as Elder Cunningham in The Book of Mormon: The Musical. Credit: Joan Marcus 2016
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At the Italian Cultural Centre until August 20, 2016
Until two years ago, the Tremors Festival used to be Rumble Theatre’s way of presenting the work of emerging theatre companies. Now Rumble chooses the plays, assembles the creative teams and produces the shows – giving a leg up to emerging artists rather than emerging companies.

Shauna Griffin and Anais West in Dry Land. Credit: Tim Matheson
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Julia Ullrich and David Z. Cohen
Credit: Chayse Crowley

At Waterfront Theatre until August 26, 2016
Forget Scottish heaths, kilts and bagpipes, these Heathers are all-American, bitchy teenaged girls lording it over their Westerburg High School classmates.

Julia Ullrich (as Veronica) and David Z. Cohen (J.D.) in Heathers: The Musical. Credit: Chayse Crowley
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At Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) until August 27, 2016
Under the direction of Shel Piercy, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the complete TUTS package: hot chocolate or coffee, popcorn, the stars overhead, the stars onstage and a really great show. Super family entertainment.

Jaime Piercy (Belle) and Peter Monaghan (the Beast) in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Credit: Tim Matheson
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At the Jericho Arts Centre, in repertory, until August 20, 2016
Even Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus doesn’t come close to the body count in The Romans in Britain now running in repertory with Betrayal and The Country Wife on the Jericho Arts Centre stage

Yurij Kis in The Romans in Britain. Credit: Adam Beauchesne
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At Bard on the Beach until September 18, 2016
Director Lois Anderson was a big part of the much-loved, much-missed Leaky Heaven Circus and this production is, at times, clever and playful in the way Leaky Heaven was. Her Pericles is a treasure trove of invention.

Sereana Malani and Kamyar Pazandeh in Pericles. Credit: David Cooper and Emily Cooper
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At Theatre Under the Stars (alternating with Disney’s Beauty and The Beast) until August 20, 2016
There are a couple of absolute requirements when it comes to producing West Side Story: there must be a fantastic performer in the role of Puerto Rican Anita; and the choreography has to be terrific. This Theatre Under the Stars’ production, directed by Sarah Rodgers, has both.

Matt Montgomery as Tony and Jennifer Gillis as Maria in West Side Story. Credit: Tim Matheson
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web_Betrayal 3 - James Gill (L), Corina Akeson (C), and Tariq Leslie (R)

At the Jericho Arts Centre (in repertory with The Romans in Britain and The Country Wife) until August 19, 2016
There’s a line in this 1978 Pinter play that’s absolutely explosive. It comes in the second of nine scenes and you’ll know it when you hear it.

James Gill, Corina Akeson and Tariq Leslie in Betrayal. Credit: Thorsten Gohl
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Kayla Deorksen and Luc Roderique
Credit: David Blue

At Bard on the Beach until September 17, 2016
If Desdemona’s death doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, Othello’s frailty might.

Luc Roderique as Othello and Kayla Deorksen as Desdemona in Othello. Credit: David Blue
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Downtown Vancouver. Tuesdays and Fridays until September 30, 2016
There’s not a whole lot that’s surreal about Surreal but there are a couple of things: Tom (Luke Sykes), the so-called ‘nerdy’ male character in this romantic two-hander, is so Armani-advertisement handsome that it’s surreal to think he’s having a hard time getting a girl.

Darby Steeves and Luke Sykes in Surreal. Credit: George Lawson Photography
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