At The Cultch until February 8, 2014
With a name like his, Mani Soleymanlou is always going to have people mangle the pronunciation and ask where he’s from. Well, Soleymanlou is from Montreal. But is he – really? That’s the question he asks himself.

Mani Soleymanlou in ONE. Credit: Productions Lombric

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At The Roundhouse. No more performances.
What we usually hear about Pond Inlet, Nunavut, is bad news: poverty, shamefully inadequate health care and housing, substance abuse and suicide. What we heard in Night (five performances only) was a story told in the Inuktitut language: soft and lyrical, full of ‘u’s, ‘q’s, ‘t’s and ‘l’s.

Photo credit: Chris Gallow

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The Dragonfly of Chicoutimi

At SFU’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts until January 25, 2014
At the heart of Larry Tremblay’s 1995 play is an event that might have been a murder or just a tragic accident. Unfortunately, this central issue doesn’t surface until three-quarters of the way through the play.

Photo credit: Danny Taillon

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A Brimful of Asha

At the Arts Club Revue Stage until February 8, 2014
“Asha, Asha, we all fall down” – laughing, that is. Like a plump, benevolent Buddha (although Jain is her religion), Asha Jain sits with her hands in the lap of her bright pink sari and beams across the table at her son Ravi.

Asha Jain in A Brimful of Asha. Credit: Erin Brubacher

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Measure for Measure

At Pacific Theatre until February 8, 2014
If anyone can make power-mad, dissolute Angelo look repentant at the end of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, it’s Simon Webb. Woebegone, eyes averted, he speaks the lines, “Immediate sentence then, and sequent death/Is all the grace I beg” with such sincerity, Webb does tug a little on the heartstrings.

Simon Webb and Pippa Johnstone in Measure for Measure. Credit: Ron Reed

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Rebel Women

At the Jericho Arts Centre until January 12, 2014
Thanks to director/creator Joan Bryans, I will never enter a polling booth again without thinking of Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928), leader of the British suffragette movement back in the early days of the 20th century. It’s easy to forget how these courageous activists paved the way for the rest of us.

Barbara Ellison (centre) as Emmeline Pankhurst in Rebel Women. Credit: Nancy Caldwell

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Uncle Vanya

At The Cultch until January 18, 2014
Uncle Vanya is one of Anton Chekhov’s funniest plays and John Wright, directing for Blackbird Theatre, captures all the humour he can find in it.

Robert Moloney and Luisa Jojic in Uncle Vanya. Credit: Tim Matheson

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