Beggar’s Opera

At Jericho Arts Centre until March 14, 2014
Adapted from John Gay’s 1728 ‘ballad opera’ by David Newham, with music composed by Daniel Deorksen, this Seven Tyrants Theatre presentation of Beggar’s Opera is, as the opening number claims, like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Martha Ansfield-Scrase as Jenny Diver in Beggar’s Opera. Credit: David Newham

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Porno Death Cult

No more performances
I love Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg’s mind; it goes into such dark and funny corners. Like her supple dancer’s body, it turns on itself, wickedly undercutting what she has just created.

Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg in Porno Death Cult. Credit: Clancy Dennehy

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At the Firehall Arts Centre. No more performances
Alon Nashman, co-creator (with Paul Thompson) of Hirsch, kicked off his solo performance by coming down the back stairs, through the audience to the stage, announcing, “I am your actor for the evening”.

Alon Nashman as Hirsch. Credit: Cylla von Tiedermann

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