At Studio 16 until May 3, 2014
Here’s one good reason for seeing Iceland – and soon. Nicolas Billon’s script is a scorcher.

Top-bottom: Lindsey Angell, Munish Sharma and Georgia Beaty in Iceland. Credit: Tim Matheson

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Mrs. Warren’s Profession

At Rickshaw Theatre. No more performances.
What are we supposed to make of Mrs. Warren? As a kind of Mother Courage who will do anything – anything – to protect and nurture her child? Or is she a common bawdyhouse madam, living off unfortunate women?

Linda Quibell as Mrs. Warren in Mrs. Warren’s Profession. Credit: Kaarina Venalainen

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Watching Glory Die

At The Cultch until May 3, 2014
Watching Glory Die is like watching what faith you had in the Canadian Correctional System die, too. What began as the story of a rebellious, fourteen-year girl throwing a couple of crabapples at the back of a New Brunswick mailman in 2003 ended up with the nineteen-year-old dying of self-strangulation in October 2007 in the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ontario.

Playwright/actor Judith Thompson in Watching Glory Die. Credit: Wendy D Photography

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The Bomb-itty of Errors

At the Arts Club Revue Stage until May 10, 2014
Grab your honey and some money/And get on down/
The Bomb-itty of Errors has hit this town/

David Kaye in The Bomb-itty of Errors. Credit: Candace Albach

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Killer Joe

Italian Cultural Centre parking lot (southwest corner) until May 4, 2014
The windstorm howling around the trailer on opening night was nothing compared to the storm going on inside as Chris Smith (Sebastien Archibald) persuades the rest of the family to hire a hit man to off his mother.

Emma Slipp as Sharla in Killer Joe. Credit: Andrew Klaver

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At Massey Theatre until April 26, 2014
There are some very big pipes on some very small girls at New Westminster’s Massey Theatre right now. One of these little girls – Jaime MacLean, who plays Molly – is only eight but she can belt with the best of them.

Julia MacLean as Annie. Credit: Tim Matheson

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At The Firehall Arts Centre until April 26, 2014
It’s spooky how like Stephen Harper actor Andrew Wheeler is in PROUD and it’s not all in the grey, plastered-down wig.

Andrew Wheeler as Prime Minister Stephen Harper in PROUD. Credit: Emily Cooper

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The Old Curiosity Shop

At Jericho Arts Centre until April 20, 2014
The Old Curiosity Shop is a bit of a curiosity in itself. It’s a Charles Dickens novel set back in 1825 and serialized weekly in 1841. Director Sarah Rodgers writes that New York readers “stormed the wharf when the ship bearing the final installment arrived in 1841.”

Graeme Thompson, Kazz Leskard and Kirsty Provan. Credit: Nancy Caldwell

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