Legally Blonde

At Theatre Under the Stars until August 23, 2014
Is it legal to be as multi-talented as Jocelyn Gauthier? She can sing, she can dance and she’s got moves that keep you watching her every second. Try to tear your eyes off her: it’s possible, but not for long.

Jocelyn Gauthier as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Credit: Milan Radovanovic.

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At Bard on the Beach until September 17, 2014
Usually I’m not concerned about whether a play attributed to Shakespeare was actually written by Shakespeare. Cymbeline, however, does make one wonder. “A tragedy gone right” is how some have described it – although all that’s tragic about it is its potential for things to go wrong. But they don’t; they go very, very right.

Bob Frazer as Iachimo in Cymbeline. Credit: David Blue

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At Bard on the Beach until September 19, 2014
SFU Professor Emeritus Malcolm Page, referring to another critic’s review of Equivocation, said it all: “A smart play for smart people.”

Gerry Mackay and Bob Frazer in Equivocation. Credit: David Blue

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The Tempest

At Bard on the Beach until September 18, 2014
The Tempest is like a storm at sea: a calm ocean suddenly whipped by wind into fierce whitecaps. But, once past, the towering waves, their fury spent, become a smooth and sparkling expanse.

Allan Morgan as Prospero in The Tempest. Credit: David Blue

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