The Daisy Theatre

At The Cultch until October 12, 2014
It’s time to trot out all the superlatives; critics and audiences alike are falling all over themselves trying to come up with bigger and better words to describe Ronnie Burkett’s bigger and better Daisy Theatre. Fantastic. Brilliant. Hilarious. Amazing. Transfixing

Schnitzel. Credit: Alejandro Santiago

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Since You Left Us

At Presentation House Theatre until September 28, 2014
There’s dysfunctional and there’s really, really dysfunctional. The family in Since You Left Us, actor Susinn McFarlen’s first play, is one of the latter: shot through with alcoholism, bad parenting, sibling rivalry and unhealthy co-dependency. But in a funny way.

Back row: Mike Gill, Derek Metz and Mike Wasko. Front row: Jillian Fargey, Erla Faye Forsyth and Colleen Wheeler. 

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4000 Miles

At The Stanley until October 12, 2014
A good reason for mounting 4000 Miles, written by award-winning American playwright Amy Herzog in 2011, is that it gets actor Nicola Cavendish back on the boards after three years.

Nathan Barrett and Nicola Cavendish in 4000 Miles. Credit: David Cooper

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The School for Scandal

At Jericho Arts Centre until September 28, 2014
Directed and designed by Matthew Bissett for United Players, The School for Scandal is one of the handsomest productions mounted at the Jericho Arts Centre and it  proves once again: less is often more.

Sarah Arnold, Bruce Hill, Joan Koebel and Dick Pugh. Credit: Nancy Caldwell

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