Avenue Q

At the Arts Club Granville Island Stage until January 3, 2015
It feels like the first time – only better. This production is even slicker and funnier than last season and although it’s not Christmas-y, it’s bound to make you ho-ho-ho like Santa.

Kayla Dunbar as Lucy T. Slut in Avenue Q. Credit: David Cooper

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Late Company

At The Cultch until November 3o, 2014
If you’ve got teenagers in your house, they’re probably in their bedrooms using their computers and cellphones. But exactly what are they doing on those electronic gadgets? Do you know?

Kerry Sandomirsky as Debora Shaun-Hastings in Late Company. Credit: Tim Matheson

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At Studio 16 until November 29, 2014
Hold your breath. Everyone else is holding his or her breath as we wait to see if Karen (Kayla Deorksen) will tell the truth or not. It’s not so much a case of, “Did she or didn’t she?” but more like, “Would she or wouldn’t she?”

Craig Erickson and Kayla Deorksen in Speed-the-Plow. Credit: Shimon Karmel

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At The Cultch until November 23, 2014
I’m afraid my inner child has run away from home – or maybe I never had one – because Loon simply didn’t charm me the way Grim and Fischer, Wonderheads Theatre’s 2012 show, did. When Mother Nature was handing out the gene for appreciating fantasy, I was probably off finding something to eat or taking a pee.

Kate Braidwood as Francis in Loon. Credit: Second Glance Photography

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

At Studio 58 until November 30, 2014
Head nurses can’t order electroshock therapy or frontal lobotomies (if they ever did) for rebellious patients as Nurse Ratched does in Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel. But in spite of all our modern medicine and advanced psychotherapy we still haven’t solved the problems of the mentally ill.

Erin Cassidy as Nurse Ratched, Tom Krushkowski as Dr. Spivey and Markian Tarasiuk as McMurphy. Credit: David Cooper

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Broken Sex Doll (2014)

At the York theatre until November 22, 2014
Don’t see this show unless you want to laugh your face off. It’s rude, rude, rude and funny, funny, funny.

Gili Roskies and Benjamin Elliott in Broken Sex Doll. Credit: Bettina Strauss

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Small Parts

At Performance Works until November 23, 2014
David Hudgins, a founding member of the Electric Company Theatre and Associate Director at Studio 58, bites off a very large chunk with Small Parts.

Christine Reinfort and Lauren Jackson in Small Parts. Credit: Kaarina Venalainen

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This Is War

At The Russian Hall until November 15, 2014
Peacekeepers? Not always. Playwright Hannah Moscovitch tears off the scabs to reveal some of what was going on with our troops in Afghanistan. Maybe most of it was good. But some of it was bad.

Munish Sharma as Captain Stephen Hughes in This Is War. Credit: Tim Matheson

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At Jericho Arts Centre until November 9, 2014
You’re not alone if you’re confused about who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in the West Bank. Canadian playwright Arthur Milner, born in Germany to Polish/Jewish WWII refugees, frames Facts in such a way you will see all too clearly that under the blazing desert sun, it’s all grey.

Jerry Wasserman, James Gill and Mehdi Darvish in Facts. Credit: Doug Williams

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Urinetown: The Musical

At the Firehall Arts Centre until November 29, 2014
Looking for a cure for the grey skies, blustery winds and never-ending rain? Urinetown: The Musical will banish your November blahs.

Michelle Bardach as Hope and Anton Lipovetsky as Bobby in Urinetown: The Musical. Credit: David Cooper

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