The Mountaintop

At the Arts Club Granville Island Stage until March 14, 2015
Portraying Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. must be like portraying Mahatma Gandhi or Jesus Christ: it comes with a lot of responsibility. And we all know how the story ends.

Dion Johnstone as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in The Mountaintop. Credit: David Cooper

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At Studio 58 until March 1, 2015
If anyone can breathe life into Oklahoma! it’s Studio 58. But these young theatre students don’t just breathe life into it, they give it a facelift, knee and hip replacements and a spanking new heart.

Alexandra Wever as Laurey in Oklahoma! Credit: David Cooper

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Valley Song

At Gateway Theatre until February 21, 2015
The rich, earthy smell and feel of the land tilled by character Abraam “Buks” Jonkers is tangible in this Gateway Theatre production directed by the company’s artistic director Jovanni Sy.

David Adams as Buks in Valley Song. Credit: David Cooper

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At Russian Hall until February 8, 2015
Bold. Ambitious. Audacious. These are words we sometimes use when we admire the attempt but don’t actually ‘get’ it. Steppenwolf, the debut work of Fight with a Stick theatre company co-founded by Alex Lazaridis Ferguson and Steven Hill (former artistic director of Leaky Heaven) is bold, ambitious and audacious.

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The Goodnight Bird

At Kay Meek Centre Studio Theatre until February 15, 2015
Sometimes it takes a cataclysmic event to jar us out of our comfort zone. And, if you’re over, say, sixty and married to the same partner for forty years, give or take a few, that comfort zone can be downright predictable.

Nicola Cavendish as Lilly in The Goodnight Bird. Credit: David Cooper

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