The Progressive Polygamists: rEvolver Festival

At The Cultch. Closes Sunday, May 31 at 7;30
“Keep sweet” chime Mercy Eve Parker (Pippa Mackie) and Eden Grace Parker (Emmelia Gordon), the “sister-wives” of “The Prophet” of Plentiful, British Columbia. The old guy has at least seven wives (Eden is #1, Mercy is #7) and between them they have so many children, they’ve lost count.

Emmelia Gordon as Eden and Pippa Mackie as Mercy in The Progressive Polygamists. Credit: Owen Ellis

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God and the Indian

At the Firehall Arts Centre until May 30, 2015
The evils of the residential school system are bitter memories that Canadians – both First Nations and non-First Nations – are struggling to come to terms with. Even after the closing of the last school in 1996, the repercussions continue as penal system statistics and a drive through the downtown eastside so sadly illustrate.

Lisa C. Ravensbergen as Johnny Indian in God and the Indian. Credit: akipari

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In A Forest, Dark and Deep

At Havana Theatre until May 30, 2015
The potential for incest hangs over In A Forest, Dark and Deep like a huge thunderhead just waiting for lightning to strike. If the production had a smell, it would be musky.

Sandra Medeiros as Betty in In A Foret, Dark and Deep. Credit: Angelo Renai

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Hell of A Girl

At The Cultch until May 24, 2015
Hell of A Girl, created by Jeff Gladstone, has one helluva girl in it and her name is Emma Slipp. She’s not a tiny slip of a thing; she’s bodacious, sexy and curvy – just the sort of woman a guy would go to hell and back for.

John Murphy as the King of Hades in Hell of A Girl. Credit: Sarah Race

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Double Recessive

At The Cultch May 23, 26, 28, 30 and 31
Writer/performer/filmmaker Jordan Lloyd Watkins is a redhead as a result of two recessive alleles doing the backstroke in his gene pool. While redheads are often the femmes fatales in film noir, in real life redheads get a bad time.

David Lloyd Watkins in Double Recessive. Credit: Jordan Lloyd Watkins

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In the Heights

At The Stanley until June 7, 2015
For one fleeting moment I thought, “Oh, a new, locally-created musical about The Heights” – that lively stretch of East Hastings chockablock with delis, eateries, fresh produce stores, used books, a great hardware store and coffee bars galore. But no.

Kate Blackburn and Chris Sams in In the Heights. Credit: David Cooper

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J. Caesar

At Performance Works until May 17; Kay Meek Centre, May 21-29. In repertory with Miss Shakespeare.
Writer/composer/performer Tracey Power bemoans the fact that women are under-represented in the theatre. She figures it’s about 70/30 men to women. What to do?

Caroline Cave and Medina Hahn in J. Caesar. Credit: Bold Rezolution Studios

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Miss Shakespeare

At Performance Works May 5-17 (in repertory with J. Caesar) and May 21-29 at the Kay Meek Centre
Don’t you always wonder, when you’re watching a Shakespeare play in which there are young women who dress like men in order to go adventuring, just what Elizabethan audiences must have thought?

Pippa Mackie, Tracey Power, Amanda Lisman, Medina Hahn and Erin Moon in Miss Shakespeare. Credit: Bold Rezolution Studio

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The Scarlet Queen of Mercy

At the Russian Hall May 7-10, 14-17 and 21-24, 2015
They say it takes a village to raise a child. The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret program for The Scarlet Queen of Mercy takes three pages – a small village – to list the cast, crew, production, marketing, creative, art department, music and musicians (eleven, under the direction of Jack Garton).

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Into the Woods

At the Jericho Arts Centre until May 16, 2015
Into the Woods is a very clever mash up of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and The Beanstalk and Little Red Ridinghood.

Jennifer Suratos as the Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods. Credit: Nicol Spinola

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