King Lear

At Bard on the Beach until September 20, 2015
King Lear is one of Shakespeare’s biggest plays: big tragedy, big emotions and big weather. It’s all just so big.

Benedict Campbell as King Lear. Credit: David Blue

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Love’s Labour’s Lost

At Bard on the Beach until September 20, 2015
The director of Love’s Labour’s Lost – Daryl Cloran (Artistic Director, Western Canada Theatre Company) – writes, “Every time I read Love’s Labour’s Lost, I find myself humming “It Had To Be You”.” Funny, that never happens to me.

Dawn Petten as Jaquenetta in Love’s Labour’s Lost. Credit: David Blue

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At the Arts Club Granville Island Stage until August 1, 2015
“Pre-ee-ee-pare ye/The way of the Lord”. If you’re not singing that as you exit the Arts Club Granville Island, you have no music in your soul. Christian or cynic, you’ll have a hard time getting this ear-worm from Godspell, the rock opera that rocked off-Broadway back in 1971, out of your head.

Jennifer Copping as Jesus in Godspell. Credit: David Cooper

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The Imaginary Invalid

At Jericho Arts Centre until June 28, 2015
Director Michael Fera frames this Molière classic in a fresh way: it is Paris, February 17, 1673 and we, along with King Louis XIV, are in the Palais Royale for a performance of Le Malade imaginaire.

Maria J. Cruz as Toinette and John Prowse as Argan/Molière. Credit: Nancy Caldwell

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The Comedy of Errors

At Bard on the Beach until September 26, 2015
This production, which had its genesis at Studio 58 in 2011 under Bellis’s direction, is fun – if frenzied – to watch.

Sereana Malani as Adriana in The Comedy of Errors. Credit: David Blue

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Glengarry Glen Ross

At The Beaumont Stage (326 West 5th Avenue) until June 27, 2015
What actress wouldn’t beg, wheedle or bribe her way into being cast in Glengarry Glen Ross, written by David Mamet for seven male actors? They get to strut, swagger, throw the f-bomb all over the place, clutch their (imaginary) balls, say “cocksucker” and behave like men.

Colleen Winton as Shelly Levene. Credit: Megan Verhey Photography

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At Havana Theatre until June 13, 2015
Notwithstanding a nomination for the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Play in 2009, this script by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman is a dog’s breakfast. It’s a mixture of low comedy and real pathos.

Caitlin McCarthy as Anna in Scratch. Credit: Ryan Alexander McDonald

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The Art of Building A Bunker: rEvolver Festival

At The Cultch. No more performances
Despair, it’s been said, is the worst sin. It trumps gluttony, greed and coveting your neighbour’s wife or his ass, hands down.

Adam Lazarus in The Art of Building A Bunker.
Credit: Bronwen Sharp. Photo originated from the 2015 Factory Theatre-Quitake co-production.

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