Jesus Christ Superstar

At Waterfront Theatre until August 22, 2015
In spite of the title, Judas has always been the main character in Jesus Christ Superstar, and this Fighting Chance Productions (FCP), co-directed by Ryan Mooney and Anna Kuman, has a spectacular Judas in Ray Boulay.

Hal Wesley Rogers as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. Credit: Tegan Verheul

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The Faerie Play

At The Sharing Farm until August 15, 2015
If you’re looking for a little magic in your life, you should check out The Faerie Play, presented by Mortal Coil Performance, written by Lois Anderson and Cathy Stubbington, and directed by Peter Hall.

Sharon Bayly as Miss Potts in The Faerie Play. Credit: Tim Matheson

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