At the Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) until October 10, 2015
Ulysses (Daryl Shuttleworth) was so drunk on that night twenty years ago that he can’t remember why his wife Emma (Lucia Frangione) took off with their five-year-old son Sam and never came back. Until this night.

Daryl Shuttleworth as Ulysses and Lucia Frangione as Emma in Annapurna. Credit: Anne Marie Slater

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At The Stanley until October 18, 2015
You can really sink your teeth into this 2013 Pulitzer prize-winning play written by American playwright Ayad Akhtar, directed for the Arts Club by Janet Wright.

Patrick Sabongui as Amir in Disgraced. Credit: Ross den Otter

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The Best Laid Plans: a Musical

At York Theatre until October 3, 2015
We all know what happens to best laid plans. They gang aft agley, eh?

Nick Fontaine as Daniel Addison in Best Laid Plans. Credit: Tim Matheson

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A Man For All Seasons

At Jericho Arts Centre until September 27, 2015
The titular ‘man for all seasons’ is Sir Thomas More and the description comes from More’s contemporary, Robert Whittington, who described the 16th century Chancellor of England as, “a man of angel’s wit and singular learning… a man of marvelous mirth and pastimes, and sometime of sad gravity. A man for all seasons.”

Graham Bullen as Sir Thomas More in A Man For All Seasons. Credit: Nancy Caldwell

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