Just Words

At The Firehall Arts Centre until April 30, 2016
Two dancers, dressed alike in black singlets and black trousers and similar in size, Barry and Maxwell are like twins, born of the same womb, experiencing life’s joys and tribulations together.

Hilary Maxwell (airborne), Karissa Barry and Serge Bennathan in Just Words.  Credit: Michael Slobodian

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Facing East

At the Jericho Arts Centre until May 14, 2016
A locally produced world premiere of a new musical is good reason to celebrate.

Matt Montgomery as Marcus and Jesse Alvarez as Andrew in Facing East. Credit: Allyson Fournier

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The Valley

At the Arts Club Granville Island Stage until May 7, 2016
Something that can be said about depression and mental illness: they aren’t choosy.

Daniel Doheny as Connor and Kerry Sandomirsky as Sharon in The Valley. Credit: Emily Cooper

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Dead Metaphor

At The Firehall Arts Centre until April 23, 2016
Who knew Canadian playwright George F. Walker had anything in common with Shakespeare?

Mike Gill as Dean and Carmela Sison as Jenny in Dead Metaphor. Credit: Emily Cooper

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The Invisible Hand

At The Cultch until April 23, 2016
Don’t miss The Invisible Hand. It will rattle your cage.

Craig Erickson as Nick Bright in The Invisible Hand. Credit: Tim Matheson

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Gruesome Playground Injuries

At Pacific Theatre until April 16, 2016
Only once in a while do I completely miss the boat on a play but this one really sailed without me.

Kenton Klassen as Doug and Pippa Johnstone as Kayleen in Gruesome Playground Injuries. Credit: Damon Calderwood

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Mata Hari

At Studio 16 until April 3 with matinee and evening performances April 2 and 3
Mata Hari is a chamber piece: small, beautiful, intimate and musical. The story begs for expansion – and perhaps someone will take it on – but as it exists now, it’s as lovely as a little music box with Mata Hari turning, turning atop.

Sinziana Corozel as Mata Hari in Mata Hari. Credit: Darryl Ahye

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