SHIFT: One-Act Festival

At The Firehall Arts Centre until May 28, 2016
I don’t often review short two or three-day festivals but the SHIFT One Act Festival is irresistible with its tagline: EMPOWERED WOMEN, EMPOWERING WORDS.

Mily Mumford and Sean Harris Oliver in Fall-Out Picnic

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At Pacific Theatre until June 11, 2016
This Pacific Theatre production succeeds in spite of the play’s difficult material thanks to stellar performances.

Katharine Venour and Julie Casselman in W;t. Credit: Damon Calderwood

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At The Warehouse (3681 Victoria Drive) until May 22 (2PM matinees on May 21 and 22) and May 25-29 (matinees on May 28 and 29)
Revolutions only asks that you put your expectations aside, open your mind and let it be blown away.

 Sean Marshall Jr. in Revolutions. Credit: Jay White

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Billy Elliot: The Musical

At The Stanley  until July 10, 2016
As the curtain rose on opening night of Billy Elliot, I was actually choked up knowing how excited a handful of youngsters on the Stanley stage were. Some of them were making their Arts Club debut (and probably their professional debut) that night.

 Kristi Low, Avril Brigden, Arta Negahban, Julia MacLean, Taylor Dianne Robinson and Nolan Fahey. Credit: Mark Halliday

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At PAL Theatre until May 28, 2016
BF stands for Brad Fraser, Canadian badboy playwright, and it also stands for Best Friends. That’s the combination in 5@50.

Deborah Williams as Olivia and Beatrice Zeilinger as Norma in 5@50. Credit: Tina Krueger

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rEvolver Festival: Never The Last

At The Cultch May 13, 14 (matinee and evening) and 15, 2016
Berlin 1919. Violin prodigy and composer Sophie Carmen Friedman meets expressionist painter and war veteran Walter Gramatté.

Christine Quintana as Sophie Carmen Friedman in Never The Last. Credit: Ryan Alexander McDonald

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rEvolver Festival: Kolejka

At The Cultch May 14, 15, 17 and 22
Billed as a “brand new, grown up puppet show”, Kolejka (koh-LAY-kah) goes back to the 60s and 70s when there was a shortage of consumer goods, including food, behind the Iron Curtain.

Babushka. Credit: Jalen Saip

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rEvolver Festival: Mis Papas

At The Cultch until May 15, 2016
Marriage can sometimes feel as if it should be taking place in a boxing ring; gloves, a referee and a bell to bring rounds to an end might keep the couple out of divorce court.

Manuela Sosa as Stella in Mis Papás. Credit: Will Martin

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At Havana Theatre, May 3-7 and May 10-14, 2016
So believable is Lanie, an ex-Marine and the play’s main character, it’s hard to believe Portland playwright Andrea Stolowitz didn’t serve in in the armed services in Afghanistan.

Stefania Indelicato as Lanie and Adam Lolacher as Bill in Ithaka. Credit: Andy Scheffler

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