Downtown Vancouver. Tuesdays and Fridays until September 30, 2016
There’s not a whole lot that’s surreal about Surreal but there are a couple of things: Tom (Luke Sykes), the so-called ‘nerdy’ male character in this romantic two-hander, is so Armani-advertisement handsome that it’s surreal to think he’s having a hard time getting a girl.

Darby Steeves and Luke Sykes in Surreal. Credit: George Lawson Photography

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The Merry Wives of Windsor

At Bard on the Beach until September 24, 2016
This Bard production is a foot-stomping hoot and about as far from traditional as you can go. If you think you hate Shakespeare, check this one out.

Amber Lewis (Mistress Ford) and Katey Wright (Mistress Page) in The Merry Wives of Windsor. Credit: David Blue

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O’wet/Lost Lagoon

At The Firehall Arts Centre until July 25, 2015
Apart from how engaging – and often funny –  Quelemia Sparrow is, one of the most exciting aspects of O’wet/Lost Lagoon is that it’s a breakthrough for westcoast First Nations women playwrights. The production is so northwest coast you can smell the smoked salmon and salt air.

Quelemia Sparrow in O’wet/Lost Lagoon

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At The Shop Theatre until July 2, 2016
At the preview it was all I could do to stop myself from clambering out of my seat at the finale and joining the “be-in” onstage.

Julien Galipeau, Alex Gullason and Jacob Woike in HAIR: THE MUSICAL

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Romeo and Juliet

At Bard on the Beach until September 21, 2016
Coltish. That’s the best word to describe Hailey Gillis who plays Juliet in Shakespeare’s timeless tale of star-crossed lovers at Bard on the Beach.

Andrew Chown (Romeo) and Hailey Gillis (Juliet) in Romeo and Juliet. Credit: Emily Cooper and David Cooper

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The Lion in Winter

At the Jericho Arts Centre until June 26, 2016
With power, wealth and territory at stake, Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine’s family was not a happy family but it certainly was an intriguing one. Full of intrigue.

Marilyn Norry as Eleanor and William MacDonald as Henry II in The Lion in Winter. Credit: Nancy Caldwell

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How To Survive An Apocalypse

At The Firehall Arts Centre until June 11, 2016
Do people really talk like these characters? Not in my circle of witty, articulate friends. But Jen (Claire Hesselgrave) talks like she’s scripted by someone very smart, funny, hip, and totally up-to-date on pop culture.

Sebastien Archibald and Claire Hesselgrave in How To Survive An Apocalypse. Credit: Emily Cooper

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