East Van Panto: Little Red Riding Hood

At The York Theatre until December 31, 2016
In the huge hole left in the Christmas season when Leaky Heaven Circus quit doing their much-loved show, Theatre Replacement, in association with The Cultch, jumped in and are we grateful? “Oh, yes, we are”. “Oh, no, you aren’t.” “Oh, yes, we are.”

Andrew McNee as The Wolf in the East Van Panto: Little Red Riding Hood. Credit: Emily Cooper Photography

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Brothel #9

At The Cultch until November 27, 2016
It’s appalling to consider that in 2016 a young girl from a good middle-class family can still be sold into the Calcutta (now Kolkata) sex trade by her brother-in-law.

Laara Sadiq as Jamuna and Adele Noronha as Rekha in Brothel #9. Credit: Emily Cooper Photography

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At the Jericho Arts Centre until November 27, 2016
Fresh is not a word often applied to a production of Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts. But directed by Michael Fera for United Players, that’s exactly what this production is.

Francis Winter as Oswald, Tanja Dixon-Warren (Mrs. Alving) and Elizabeth Willow (Regina) in Ghosts. Credit: Nancy Caldwell

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The Who’s Tommy

At The Shop Theatre until November 19, 2016
The Renegade Arts Co., under the artistic direction of Jim Buckshon, gives you a rare chance to see the seldom-produced rock musical The Who’s Tommy.

Jeremiah Vezina as Young Tommy in The Who’s Tommy. Credit: Gloria Vezina

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At Studio 16 until November 19, 2016
Written by Lisa D’Amour, Detroit is a scorching, darkly funny look at the unravelling of the American middle class and what the consequences might be.

Luisa Jojic as Sharon and Jennifer Copping as Mary in Detroit. Credit: Shimon Karmel

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The Elephant Wrestler

At The Cultch until November 5, 2016
I knew from reading the press release that Jacob Rajan (Indian Ink Theatre Company) would play seventeen characters in The Elephant Wrestler. What I didn’t count on was the gorgeous, evocative music.

Jacob Rajan in The Elephant Wrestler. Credit: Robert Catto

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