rEvolver Festival: Vampires in Barcelona

At the Green House Studio June 1, 2 and 3, 2017
Go Green. The Green House Studio, I mean, for the most wryly funny, most charming solo show that I’ve seen thus far in Upintheair Theatre’s 2017 rEvolver Festival.

Brian Cochrane in Vampires in Barcelona. Credit: Christine Quintana

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rEvolver Festival: SPAWN


At The Cultch until June 4, 2017
Theresa, a young First Nations dancer, is haunted by the memory of her mother who drowned and was pulled out of the river when Theresa was just a child.

Tai Grauman as Theresa in SPAWN. Credit: Jessica White

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The Hunger Room

At PAL Studio Theatre until June 10, 2017
In The Hunger Room, Tyler, Caitlin and Anna are three super-smart but messed up kids with messed up or absent parents.

Raylene Harewood as Anna and Camille Legg as Caitlin in The Hunger Room. Credit: Tim Matheson

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Outside Mullingar

At Pacific Theatre until June 10, 2017
Outside Mullingar is unapologetically sentimental but it might charm your socks off because it’s just so darned Irish.

Ron Reed, John Emmet Tracy, Rebecca deBoer and Erla Faye Forsyth. Credit: Matt Reznek

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Children of God

At The York Theatre until June 3, 2017
There are tears; there is jubilation. Going back to the very roots of theatre, Children of God is a rare experience of communion.

Cheyenne Scott, as Julia, and Trish Lindström, as Sister Bernadette, in Children of God. Credit: Emily Cooper

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Million Dollar Quartet

At The Stanley until July 9, 2017
It will be a miracle if the piano – stressed to look like a bit of an old timer – makes it through the run of Million Dollar Quartet. Musician/performer Steven Greenfield, as Jerry Lee Lewis, does everything but play it with his belly button.

Jonas Shandel, Steven Greenfield, Kale Penny and Erik Fraser Gow in Million Dollar Quartet. Credit: David Cooper

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A Little Night Music: Love & Desire in Three-Quarter Time

At The Anvil Centre Theatre until May 21, 2017
Make your own little night music: dine out in New Westminster, check out – if you haven’t already – the exciting new Anvil Centre Theatre and enjoy this Sondheim musical comedy made utterly sparkling by Patrick Street Productions.

Warren Kimmel as Fredrik Egerman and Arinea Hermans as Anne Egerman in A Little Night Music. Credit: Emily Cooper

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String of Pearls

At Studio 1398 until May 14, 2017
String of Pearls takes the old maxim – “What goes around, comes around” –  twists it and whips it into a story while Tomo Suru Players gives four young actors a chance to shine.

Credit: Tomo Suru

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Circle Game: Reimagining the Music of Joni Mitchell

At The Firehall Arts Centre until May 20, 2017
All young, all multi-talented, this sextet of musicians/performers is having the time of its life – each performer moving effortlessly from instrument to instrument.

Kimmy Choi, Sara Vickruck, Rowen Kahn, Scott Perrie, David Cohen and Adriana Ravalli in Circle Game: Reimagining the Music of Joni Mitchell. Credit: Emily Cooper

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