Me and You

Arts Club Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre until
May 6, 2018
While there’s lots of revelry between siblings there’s also rivalry and the pendulum swings back and forth over the years.

Patti Allan and Lois Anderson in Me and You. Credit: David Cooper

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The Explanation

At the Vancity Culture Lab at The Cultch until April 29, 2017
Who knew you could find love in the literature DVD section of the Central library? That’s where Dick (from the West End) finds John (from Burnaby).

Kevin MacDonald as John and Evan Frayne as Dick in The Explanation. Credit: Emily Cooper

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Massey Theatre until April 29, 2018
It’s Sunday, 2 PM and, wonder of wonders, it’s sunny: a rare day in this rainy, rainy April.  Yet New Westminster’s Massey Theatre is packed. What’s that about? How do you get a full house in Vancouver on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

Andrew Cownden (centre) as The Emcee in Cabaret. Credit: Emily Cooper

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Arts Club Granville Island Stage until May 5, 2018
I have never read a Stephen King novel and I probably never will.  Horror is just not my thing.  But hair-raising horror, adapted for stage by William Goldman from Stephen King’s novel Misery, is another thing: creepy and hilarious in equal quantities.

Lucia Frangione and Andrew McNee in Misery. Credit: David Cooper

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