The Events

At The Russian Hall (600 Campbell Avenue) until January 28, 2018
In The Events, prompted by the massacre of seventy-seven young people in Norway in 2011, Scottish playwright David Greig looks for answers in a way that is at once beautiful, sad yet surprisingly uplifting.

Douglas Ennenberg as The Boy and Luisa Jojic as Claire in The Events. Credit: Emily Cooper

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Black Boys

At The Cultch until January 20, 2018
Black Boys and Hot Brown Honey (on stage now at the York Theatre) make an interesting pair of bookends.

Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, Tawiah Ben-Eben M’Carthy and Thomas Olajide in Black Boys. Credit: Tanja Tiziana

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Hot Brown Honey

At York Theatre until January 27, 2018
Part circus, part burlesque and part feminist rally, Hot Brown Honey is a sassier, rowdier, louder show than I’ve ever experienced.

Set and cast of Hot Brown Honey. Credit: Dylan Evans

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2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review
A week didn’t go by when there wasn’t something wonderful happening on a Vancouver stage in 2017. Here are some – not necessarily the best – but some that creatively pushed the boundaries of live theatre. Or just tickled my fancy.

Lauren Jackson and Alessandro Juliani in Onegin. Credit: David Cooper

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Snow White & the Seven Dwarves: The East Van Panto

At the York Theatre until January 6, 2018
What starts with ‘C’ and ends with ‘S’? Christmas, you say? No, you frazzled Christmas shopper – ‘Census’.

Ming Hudson as Snow White in Snow White & the Seven Dwarves. Credit: Emily Cooper

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At the Arts Club Granville Island Stage until December 31, 2017
If Onegin doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, chances are you don’t have a heart.

Clockwise from front, centre: Alessandro Juliani, Lauren Jackson, Josh Epstein, Andrew McNee and Caitriona Murphy. Credit: David Cooper

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The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius

At The Cultch until December 3, 2017
If you need a really good laugh and you’re okay with dark, grisly, bloody, grotesque, rude and crude – all wrapped up in the French clowning style called bouffon – you will love Titus Bouffonius as much as I did.

Peter Anderson as Sob in The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius. Credit: Tim Matheson

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At Performance Works until November 26, 2017
With an offbeat sense of humour, Aaron Bushkowsky writes some of the funniest dialogue on any stage. Directed by Bill Dow for Solo Collective Theatre, now in its 17th year of producing new plays with a lot to say, Satellite(s) puts an entertaining spin on a serious social issue.

Mason Temple as Li and Jillian Fargey as Jan in Satellite(s). Credit: Aaron Bushkowsky  

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Coming Up for Air

At the Kay Meek Centre until November 25, 2017
In the late 1930s, George Orwell knew something was going to happen and it was going to be bad. That something was, obviously, WWII.

Bernard Cuffling as George Bowling in Coming Up for Air. Credit: Ted Cole

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Wives and Daughters

At the Frederic Wood Theatre until November 25, 2017
No contest: the star of Wives and Daughters is the set/light/projection design by Harika Xu and Vanka Salim.

Sabrina Vellani as Molly and Daria Banu as Cynthia in Wives and Daughters. Credit: Emily Cooper

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