Homeward Bound

At PAL Studio Theatre until October 29, 2017
Homeward Bound, set in late October after a family dinner, will make you grateful for your own relatives no matter how eccentric or disagreeable they are.

Howard Siegel and Mia Ingimundson in Homeward Bound. Credit: Javier Sotres

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1 Hour Photo

At The Cultch until October 15, 2017
“Whenever you move into someone’s house, no matter how clean they leave it for you, they can’t help but leave behind so many clues,” says playwright/performer Tetsuro Shigematsu.

Tetsuro Shigematsu in 1 Hour Photo. Credit: Ray Shum

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The Goblin Market

At the York Theatre until October 14, 2017
Breathtakingly beautiful. Heart-stoppingly romantic. Stirringly erotic. Presented by The Cultch, the seed planted in Christina Rossetti’s 1862 poem Goblin Market ripens in The Dust Palace’s (New Zealand) re-imagining of the poem.

Rochelle Mangan and Eve Gordon. Credit: Loork

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13: The Musical


At Waterfront Theatre October 4-8. 2017
Everyone fourteen or older knows what it was like to be thirteen – and it wasn’t always a barrel of laughs.

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Livestock Building, Hastings Park until September 30, 2017
How could we not know about 8,000 Canadians of Japanese heritage housed like cattle in the Livestock Building in Hastings Park prior to being shipped off to various internment and labour camps across the country in 1942?

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At Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) until September 29, 2017
It doesn’t happen very often to me in the theatre but I had a couple of adrenalin rushes during Posh, written by British playwright Laura Wade in 2010.

The Cast of Posh. Credit: Allyson Fournier

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Angels in America: Perestroika

At The Stanley until October 8, 2017
Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, subtitled A Gay Fantasia on National Themes, is a sprawling, epic, two-part play that is both reverent and irreverent, brutal and tender, serious and sardonic.

Lois Anderson, Damien Atkins and Stephen Jackman-Torkoff in Angels in America: Part Two: Perestroika. Credit: David Cooper

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The Christians

At Pacific Theatre until October 7, 2017
I know where I stand: if there were a Heaven and if I were Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, I would not deny Mahatma Gandhi (nor my old dog Cody) admission because neither of them was a Christian.

Ron Reed as Pastor Paul in The Christians. Credit: Emily Cooper

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A Chorus Line

At the Waterfront Theatre until September 2, 2017
Auditions: how do performers find the strength and resilience to put themselves through it again and again? Too tall, too short, too much attitude, not enough pizazz – the reasons for being rejected are endless.

The Cast of A Chorus Line

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