Fall Away Home

At the Stanley Park Works Yard August 25, 29, 31 and September 1
The parking is easy; Stanley Park is, of course, beautiful; the tickets are free; and the kids will love Fall Away Home.

Ming Hudson in Fall Away Home. Credit: Ryan McDonald

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A. . . My Name is Alice

At Studio 1398 until August 25, 2013
I don’t usually review musical revues but how could I resist a show with five young women under the direction of one young-ish guy? All the songs are about women in various stages of life and I do have experience: daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, mother-in-law, ex-wife, ex-mother-in-law, friend and grandmother.

Hannah Unterschultz, Michelle T. Baynton and Rebecca Friesen in A…My Name is Alice

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Wolf at the Door

At Pacific Theatre until August 17
Keeping the wolf from the door is about keeping food on the table. By the time the wolves come howling, the occupants are starving – easy pickings for packs of hungry canines.  But there are other disasters that can destroy a family and they can be as simple – and as painful – as a clash of ideals.

Rebecca deBoer in Wolf at the Door. Credit: Richard Norrish

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How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

At Theatre Under the Stars until August 16, 2013
What a pleasant surprise this show is after reading a couple of reviews that diss it because it’s so dated. How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is, indeed, dated but almost all musicals – from Oklahoma! To Grease – are out of sync with contemporary culture anyway.

Andrew Cownden in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Credit: Tim Matheson

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der Wink

At the Russian Hall until August 4, 2013
Critics don’t always agree – and that’s a good thing – but there’s one thing the committee that decides the Critics’ Choice Award for Innovation does agree on: innovation isn’t enough if the piece doesn’t ‘work’.

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The Farnsworth Invention

At Jericho Arts Centre until August 9, 2013
Presented by Ensemble Theatre Company (ETC), this is a brainy play about brainy people and it crackles with nastiness and intrigue.

Michael Smith in The Farnsworth Invention. Credit. J. Chan Photography

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At Performance Works Outdoor Stage until August 10, 2013
I don’t imagine many young women in theatre school dream of playing Hamlet. Lady Macbeth, Hedda Gabler and Martha (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf) would likely be on their list but not the melancholy Dane.

Sofia Bunting Newman in Hamlet. Credit: Kazandra Pangilinan

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Legally Blonde

At Theatre Under the Stars until August 17, 2013
“Omigod You Guys”, this show is fun. That’s the opening song in this hilarious hoot in hot pink directed and choreographed by Valerie Easton.

Cathy Wilmot and Breanne Arrigo in Legally Blonde. Credit: Tim Matheson

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Elizabeth Rex

At Bard on the Beach until September 11, 2013
I love this play by the late Canadian writer Timothy Findley. It’s not as great a play as, say, Hedda Gabler or Macbeth but it offers an equally monumental opportunity for a mature actress at the top of her game. Colleen Wheeler is just such an actress.

Colleen Wheeler as Elizabeth Rex. Credit: David Blue

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Measure for Measure

At Bard on the Beach until September 13, 2013
Between them, veteran Lois Anderson and relative newcomer Anton Lipovetsky make this show – a peculiar blend of a comedy and a morality play – immeasurably entertaining.

Lois Anderson in Measure For Measure. Credit: David Blue

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