Cocktails At Pam’s

At Studio 1398 until November 30, 2013
We’ve all been to parties where nothing seems to gel. Maybe, god help us, we’ve even given a few. In Stewart Lemoine’s play, Pam has been giving them for years. Why does she do it?

Maryanne Renzetti and Sebastien Archibald in Cocktails At Pam’s

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The Romeo Initiative

At The Vancity Culture Lab at The Cultch until November 24, 2013
So intrigued was I by the end of Act 1 of The Romeo Initiative, I was almost vibrating.

Lindsey Angell as Karin in The Romeo Initiative. Credit: Tim Matheson

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Pride and Prejudice

At Frederic Wood Theatre until November 30, 2013
Adapted by Jon Jory from Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice opens with the famous line, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife”.

 Matt Kennedy and Kat McLaughlin in Pride and Prejudice. Credit: Nancii Bernard

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Mary Poppins: The Broadway Musical

At The Stanley until January 5, 2014
If this Arts Club production of Mary Poppins: The Broadway Musical, directed by Bill Millerd, doesn’t awaken your inner child, chances are you lost yours somewhere along the way.

Sara-Jeanne Hosie as Mary Poppins. Credit: David Cooper

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At Jericho Arts Centre until December 1, 2013
Closure. We hear the word everyday on the news following a disaster or a crime. Everyone wants closure.

John Burnside as Gordon Devereaux and Jonah Heyl as Gordie in Closure. Credit: Nancy Caldwell

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The Flame: Holiday Edition

At the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. November 6, 2013
As the evenings grow colder we reach for the thermostat, light the fireplace or throw another log on the woodstove. But on Wednesday, November 6, almost a hundred and fifty men, women and kids cozied up in the Shadbolt Centre Studio Theatre.

Jacques Lalonde at The Flame: Holiday Edition. Credit: Tav Rayne

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People Like Us

At the Firehall Arts Centre until November 16, 2013
“Nothing bad can ever happen to us”. That’s what beautiful young Kate, in love with Gerry Rourke, honestly believed.

Sarah Louise Turner as Kate in People Like Us. Credit: Emily Cooper

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Relatively Speaking

At Performing Arts Lodge until December 1, 2013
It seems only yesterday that Alan Ayckbourn was a hot new playwright writing scathingly funny plays about marriage, infidelity and the British middle class. I remember loving another early play of his – Absurd Person Singular, written in 1975 – and being amazed at how Ayckbourn manipulated us into laughing until it really wasn’t funny anymore.

Terence Kelly as Phillip in Relatively Speaking. Credit: Chris Van Der Schyf

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The Woman in Black

At Little Mountain Gallery (26th and Main) October 31-November 2, November 5-9 and November 12-16
No tricks, all treats at the Hallowe’en night opening of The Woman in Black. Ghoulishly costumed partyers and exploding firecrackers outside along Main Street added to the ghostly tale of Mr. Arthur Kipps.

Chris Cochrane as The Actor in The Woman in Black. Credit: Jason Lang

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The Rap Guide to Evolution

At The Cultch until November 10, 2013
Can attaining world peace be as simple as rapper Baba Brinkman suggests: “Don’t sleep with mean people”? Ladies, says he, with all your peace-loving, non-homicidal, low testosterone genes, make babies only with un-mean guys.

Baba Brinkman in The Rap Guide to Evolution. Credit: Yuval Binur

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