Dancing With Rage

At the Firehall Arts Centre until February 17, 2013
“Jesus, Joseph and Mary”, as Marg Delahunty would exclaim, Mary Walsh is the funniest woman from sea to sea to shining sea.

Mary Walsh in Dancing With Rage

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Cold Comfort

At Havana Theatre until February 9, 2013
Cold Comfort is a deliciously funny and nasty play by Jim Garrard. And it’s the first offering of YOGURT Theatre Co (tagline: Get Cultured) with Studio 58 grad Chris Cochrane at the helm. It’s reminiscent of John Patrick Shanley plays like Savage in Limbo and Danny and The Deep Blue Sea with its deeply wounded or just plain crazy characters but it’s Canadian, eh?

Chris Cochrane and Katey Hoffman in Cold Comfort. Credit: Jason Lang

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At The Stanley until February 24 , 2013
The house lights had no sooner gone down than a fellow behind me chortled, “Al-right Let’s laugh.” And once the curtain went up on Boeing-Boeing, he – and many others – laughed uproariously for a couple of hours.

Jonathon Young and Kimberley Sustad in Boeing-Boeing. Credit David Cooper

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I, Malvolio

At The Cultch until February 10, 2013
It’s about time somebody took the mickey out of Shakespeare: all those male actors pretending to be women pretending to be men. Were Elizabethan audiences all blind and stupid? And the ridiculous romances: strangers that meet in the morning, in love by noon and married by dinner? Good grief.

Tim Crouch in I, Malvolio. Credit: Bruce Dalzell Atherton

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Leave of Absence

At Pacific Theatre until February 16, 2013
Actor/playwright Lucia Frangione wrestles with the relationship between sexuality and spirituality in Leave of Absence – the same concern that was at the heart of her 2003 highly successful Espresso.

Karyn Guenther in Leave of Absence. Credit: Ron Reed

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Ride The Cyclone

At the Arts Club Granville Island Stage until February 16, 2013
Ride the Cyclone is one sweet ride and there’s no chance you’ll toss your cookies during this ninety-minute, no intermission musical, jointly presented by the Arts Club and the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

Sarah Jane Pelzer in Ride the Cyclone: Credit: Tim Matheson

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